Ways To Do More:

  1. Spread the word
    • Tell your family and friends, and get them involved
    • Spread the word on social media
    • Contact government leaders and urge them to adopt the system
  2. Make Your Own Armband, Stickers, Pins, or Flags
  3. Make Armbands, Stickers, Pins, and Flags for Others
    • Start with friends and family; give them away as gifts
    • Make them for a local non-profit or your favorite religious group; give them to the poor, or those who don't have as much talent as you do
    • Please Note: Do not place the Band-Together™ name or logo on items you give to anyone who is not a) a member of your immediate family, or b) a close friend with whom you regularly spend time. If you plan to sell the items you produce, see the next step.
  4. Start Your Own Business
    • Make Armbands, Stickers, Pins, etc. and Sell Them to Others
      • Make your products unique by being creative with materials and variations in design
      • Use high-quality materials and production methods to satisfy your customers and justify your price
      • Focus on a local area where you can offer fast and free shipping
      • Please Note: If you are selling these items, you cannot place our logo or the Band-Together™ name on your products unless you are licensed to do so (see next step)
    • Apply for a license to place our logo or the Band-Together™ name on your products
      • Send us your product (with our logo placed on it) so we can review it
      • If we like it, we will invite you to be an authorized dealer and to have a link to your website or online store posted on our official list of authorized dealers