The Band-Together™ system began as an idea developed in connection with the Luxipolis Radio Hour in response to the premature opening of certain states, and the protests of certain individuals that started making news in late April, 2020.

The idea began by trying to find a way that allowed more freedom for those who wanted it, but which also warned others when they were encountering such a risk-taker—it would be good to know, for example, if the guy ahead of you in the grocery store line had just been to a wedding reception with 200 people inside a small hall.

Privacy concerns, of course, ruled out supplying detailed information (such as that the event was a wedding reception and the number of people attending). They also ruled out giving some corporation the right to follow our every move and assign risk values to us in whatever ways proved most profitable to them.

Cost concerns, as well as the desire to minimize the number of things that might go wrong, also ruled out using a high-tech solution. So that pushed things in the DIY direction. This led to thinking about simple color codes, how to display them, and what the codes might mean.

The cost concerns also led to thoughts about helping the economy recover, and that led to the part about helping people start their own businesses.

For more details, see this overview.