How it works:

  1. Find your color
    • Use our guide to find your color
    • Don't worry: there are no wrong answers or 'bad' colors
    • It's a simple flow chart, no login, no password, you don't have to give us any information!
    • Use the guide frequently, since your situation may change from day to day
  2. Learn what your color means
  3. Act Responsibly
    • Continue to hunker down and practice social distancing, or use the Band-Together™ system if you need more freedom and your local laws allow.
    • When you use the Band-Together™ system:
      • Post a flag outside if you are hosting a gathering
        • Yellow if you are sanitizing and following social distancing protocols (welcoming Red 3s, Green 2s, and Yellow 2s)
        • Plaid if you are not sanitizing and following social distancing protocols (welcoming Red 1s, Green 1s and Green 3s)
      • Wear an armband, pin, or other color-coded item to show what group you belong to (use our free templates for armbands, stickers, and flags or our template sheets for stickers or pins
      • Pay attention to the colors others are wearing, and interact according to the Band-Together™ guidelines (see links under item 2 above)
      • Be aware that the Band-Together™ system is not as safe as the stay-at-home system we have been using. Running risks and shouldering responsibilities are the price to be paid for greater freedom. Some people who use the Band-Together™ system will get sick—you might be one of them.
    • It is safest for everyone to err on the side of caution
    • If you are unsure of how to deal with someone, ask them what they are comfortable with, and the two of you can work it out.
    • Live by the Golden Rule: figure out how others would like to be treated, and do your best to treat them that way (or better if you can manage it).
    • Use your brain. We can supply some answers for you, but not all of them
    • Life is not perfect; mistakes happen, so be a little understanding and lenient when things go wrong.