Band-Together™ to fight COVID-19

through Nuanced Social Distancing


Assuring Freedom and Minimizing Risk

  • Those most at-risk have to be cautious and treated with care.
  • Those least at-risk, mainly, need to look out for the more vulnerable.
  • Social distancing taught us to stay clean, stay apart, and stay at home.
  • Now we are — or soon will be — asked to re-integrate.
  • How do we do so with greater confidence and freedom, but less risk as we wait for a cure or perfect solution?
  • By following the Band-Together™ system for nuanced social distancing!


Awareness. Safety. Responsibility. Action.

Awareness Each of us has some awareness of our own circumstances, which is usually comfort enough to make decisions about daily risks we are willing to take. Most of us will take reasoned chances; yet some are more cautious than others.

Safety The risks we take involve ourselves, yet sometimes they put others at risk. With regard to covid-19, the personal risks we take will likely have consequences for others. When our choices might put others at risk, additional responsibility applies.

Responsibility Many of us are ready to leave our homes. Some are uncertain because they are unaware of the risk they pose to others or others pose to them. Tracing, testing, and phases of re-integration will help minimize the risks. But, if we ourselves want to be a part of the solution right now, what can we do and how can we act responsibly to protect ourselves and others?

Action We can do our part with nuanced social distancing, sharing our status and preferences with others while gaining information from them as well. Combining awareness, safety, responsibility, and action, we can band together to go from being banned together to using flags and armbands together until COVID-19 is banned altogether — Band-Together™.

A Solution

Color-Coded System to Help Re-Integrate Safely

(It works like a traffic light!)

RED - vulnerable, sick, or possibly contagious (greatest precaution needed)

YELLOW– precaution takers/seekers (some precaution needed)

GREEN – healthy and/or minimal risk or fear (most freedom allowed)

For Individuals:

A quick guide for finding the color-code for your current situation

For Businesses:

A quick guide for interacting in gathering places


A color-coded system helps you understand risk and the degree to which businesses and gathering places are opening up, while also alerting others to risks they are likely to encounter, or that you are willing to take.

  • lessening risk to the most vulnerable
  • preventing overburdening hospital capabilities
  • requiring little in its most simple form
  • no contact tracing necessary
  • works well with testing and other safety features
  • low tech, easily implemented, affordable

The Colors and What They Mean

Post a Sign, a Flag, or a Sticker

On your car, door, cubicle, office, or space

Get Free Templates for Stickers Here

Wear a Pin or an Armband

At your business, event, organization, or home to alert others as to your personal status/preference

Get Free Templates for armbands, flags, and stickers Here

What Can I Do? To show others what to expect at any time/place, or to alert others to your status/preference:

Hang a Flag

Post a Sign or Sticker

Wear an Armband

Let’s Band-Together™


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  • This system has not been endorsed by any medical expert, or recommended as a course of action by any civic authority.
  • Given the history of the world, some people may feel uncomfortable with this system. It is OK for them to opt out until they see that it operates in a way that distinguishes it from some of its predecessors.
  • This system is not intended as a substitute for (and takes a back seat to) common human decency guided by empathy, sympathy, or compassion.